Hydrating B5 Gel

Hydrating B5 Gel

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An oil free hydrating gel replenishes moisture and restores radiance for a smoother complexion. 

Product Description:

Enhance the benefits of your daily moisturizer while targeting visible signs of aging with SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel.  This moisture-enhancing gel-serum contains a rich dose of hyaluronic acid and tissue-repairing vitamin B5 to restore and bind moisture to the skin for enhanced radiance, suppleness and comfort.  The refreshing, oil-free gel moisturizer replenishes nutrients while helping to smooth the skin.  It can be used alone or added to a daily moisturizer to provide extra hydration.  Quick-absorbing and formulated for acne-prone skin, this hydrating gel maximizes the effects of your daily moisturizer, resulting in a reduction of fine lines and dehydration.

  • Leaves skin feeling supple and smooth;
  • Enhances the benefits of a daily moisturizer;
  • Provides optimal hydration without clogging pores;
  • Ideal for all skin types, especially acne-prone;
  • Paraben-, alcohol-, dye- and fragrance-free;
  • Recommended for use with vitamin C skincare products;
  • Safe for use with microneedling treatments;
  • Free of alcohol, dye, fragrance, gluten, and silicone; and
  • Contains hyaluronic acid, the body’s natural hydrator, to help bind moisture to the skin.

Recommended for Skin Types:

Ideal for all skin types

Recommended for the Following Skin Conditions:


How to Use:

Using fingertips, apply 2-3 drops to the entire face, neck, and chest, avoiding the eye area.  If using in the morning, apply after a SkinCeuticals Vitamin C antioxidant serum and before a SkinCeuticals sunscreen.  If using with a SkinCeuticals retinol at night, apply after retinol application.


15% Hyaluronic Acid:  A natural humectant capable of holding 1,000 times its own weight in water and the body’s natural hydrator.

Vitamin B5:  An essential nutrient promotes the skin barrier’s natural repair process.

Water, phenoxyethanol, sodium hyaluronate, calcium pantothenate.